Bianca was born and raised in Panama City, Panama, as daughter of an Italian father and Colombian mother. During her childhood, she always found herself drawing, designing and embroidering her own creations, being handbags and shoes her most beloved designs of choice.
At the advice of her family, she later on traded pursuing a more creative profession for a stable future as a lawyer. But soon enough it became apparent that her life was missing color and creative freedom. That’s when she determinately decided to pursue her dream and to fully focus on learning the utmost about handbag design and construction.
Her surroundings seemed to be charmed by the first pieces that Bianca makes at her homemade studio in Amsterdam. And before she knew it, the Bianca Medaglia brand was born (2018).
It then became evident that it was time to expand her production beyond her own hands, and that a professional manufacturer was needed in order to take her production to the next level.


Bianca’s inspiration for her designs comes from her international background where a mix of Latin American and European influences come together. The handbags combine a level of playfulness with sleek and minimalist lines. With every design, Bianca strives to create a durable and timeless piece that becomes a modern woman’s loyal companion for years to come. 
The leather bags are crafted by a Portuguese family-owned company, which provides each piece with individual character as a result of their traditional craftsmanship methods where high-quality materials are used and close attention to detail is given upon every creation.
Bianca Medaglia is modern, playful, chic and practical.