Our bags are handmade in Portugal, using the most carefully chosen and durable materials.  Due to the uniqueness and natural features of every skin used, each handbag may vary in color and appearance.
Although we have chosen resistant materials in which damage might not show as much, our recommendations will help your handbag age beautifully:
- Keep your leather good stored standing up in its dust bag provided (to  protect it from being marked) and filled (with tissue paper, or bubble wrap) so that it retains its shape
- Clean regularly with a soft dry cloth
- If the bag has been in contact with water, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the excess (by applying a gentle tapping motion to absorb the liquid) while allowing the leather to dry naturally
- Whenever you encounter an accidental scratch, reduce its visibility by gently massaging the area
- Avoid discoloration:
- Avoid contact with darker items than the color of your bag
- Keep in mind that products in lighter colors tend to discolorate more often
- Do not overload your bag: overfilling your bag may cause damage to its shape or loosen the handles
- Avoid exposing your leather goods to humidity or heat
- Avoid extreme sunlight exposure (as this might affect the color of the leather)
- Prevent any contact with liquids such as alcohol (perfumes or solvents) and oily substances (such as makeup or dyes)
- If your bag becomes exposed to water or suffers damage in any way, take it to a professional leather cleaner
- Clean by a leather specialist only
- In case of dirt or stains, wipe it using a damp cloth and mild soap. Once the stain and/or dirt has been removed, gently wipe down the rest of the lining in order to avoid uneven coloring (due to water spots).
- Clean with a soft dry cloth
- Prevent rough exposure of the metallic parts as the coating may chip.