Part of our mission and vision as brand involves having a positive impact and to give back to the ones who need it the most. Especially during these difficult times we are all facing around the world.
As the brand is heavily influenced by my own roots, we -as company- want to lend a helping hand to the less privileged in my home country – Panama – as being the case of our region’s indigenous groups. 
As we are a company that creates (non-exclusively) for women, we want to make sure that we help future generations of women who are born into poverty, with no chance of of education or better opportunities.
With a percentage of our sales and by partnering with other companies, we want to donate to national organizations in charge of providing training and education to Panama’s indigenous women. We are certain that – with your help – we can make a difference, and help a young woman or mother to provide for her family and to improve their conditions - and hopefully – to bring these families out of hardship.